Wedding venue in Florence – Getting married at Villa Le Fontanelle

Up in the Tuscan hills, brides, grooms, and their wedding planners, can find a grand Italian villa with a remarkably intimate feel. Over the years, this property has been renovated to fit more modern senses of luxury, while still retaining its historic elegance. Whether you are traveling with all of your friends and family to have the large destination wedding of your dreams, or eloping with your soon-to-be spouse to enjoy a more intimate celebration of your love, when you discover Villa le Fontanelle you are discovering Italian excellence, and your home away from home.

This property offers so many unique features and hidden treasures; you will be able to truly make it your own. Upon arrival, you will be struck by the beauty of the villa, fully painted in Florentine orange. In the spring, blooming purple flowers beautifully drape along the walls, and when the weather begins to chill the Cyprus trees in the garden stand tall and proud. You won’t want to take your eyes off this masterpiece, however when you finally pull yourself away and turn around, you will be in awe at the beauty unfolding before you. From the courtyard, the villa looks over miles and miles of Tuscany, guiding your eyes to behold the whole city of Florence looking right back up at you. Take the view up a level and follow the stairs to the terrace, where you will be greeted with that same view, and a new spot to enjoy. Host an aperitif for your all guests, or move up to the tower for a private reception.

Following the steps, or taking the lift, back down and moving just across the courtyard, you will find the chapel. An intimate place of worship standing between the oak trees.  Choose to have a traditional ceremony here, or let your aisle extend from it, leading toward the tower, where you and your beloved will recite vows to the glow of the Tuscan sun setting over the hills. For your reception, enjoy a lively celebration in the gardens and dance the night away around the flowing fountain, or dine indoors in a fine Italian restaurant right on-site. Once your special day has reached its end, newlywed couples and their guests enjoy a variety of six, uniquely decorated suites designed with luxury and quality in mind.

Originally a simple peasant farm, this villa became of the properties of the Medici family. In the 15th century it was donated to famous member of the Florentine Umanesim, Marsilio Ficino by Cosimo de’ Medici himself. The historic yet modern estate and its wonderful staff effortlessly meet all your needs and exceed every expectation. For those looking for some fun in the sun, the swimming pool will do just the trick. History buffs and those with an artist’s eye will appreciate the villa’s charming architecture and thoughtful design. Ultimately, for the couple in search of the perfect, romantic destination to celebrate their love, they will find everything they are looking for at Villa Le Fontanelle.

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