Wedding with the Pope in Italy


The love story of Adriana and Joao is very unique in that they both work at a school together, which is where they meet. They are involved in a family business where they run a school, which is where their love for each other grew. After meeting and falling in love, they began planning their wedding and took their time to ensure that it was everything they had ever dreamed of.

They couple is extremely close with their families and wanted their wedding to not only serve as a celebration of their love, but also a chance to go on a holiday and spend quality time with their family. This couple is from Brazil, but decided to plan their destination wedding in Italy at the Villa Le Piazzole. The wedding took a total of 15 months to plan, but the couple wanted to take their time in planning a day that would be filled with so many wonderful memories that would last them and their guests a lifetime.

The couple is extremely religious and wanted to have a church wedding, but prior to the wedding, they went and visited the pope. The couple had seven bridesmaids and groomsmen to help them create a beautiful, special day. The seven pairs were all couples and each held a special role in Adriana and Joao’s life. They were crucial to the wedding party because they all had something unique to add to the couple’s wedding day–they provided support, guidance, and were 100% committed to Adriana and Joao.

The color scheme for the wedding was yellow and white because the bride was in love with sunflowers, which were also the flowers for the ceremony and reception. In total, the villa was booked for five days so that the couple could spend quality time and everyone could take a break and enjoy Italy together.

The cake was a traditional Italian wedding cake that was prepared in front of the guests who watched in awe as the chef delicately put together the cake that they soon after cut and shared together. The couple also had a good friend from Brazil that played live music for everyone to listen to and enjoy while eating and dancing. After dancing for a few hours, there was even more food around midnight to fuel the guests to celebrate and dance even longer into the night. This wedding was a romantic and classical event that opened a new chapter for Adriana and Joao to celebrate their relationship along with around 60 friends and family.

While the wedding was the main attraction of the trip, the guests also had a lot of time to do other festivities while on this holiday. As a part of the fun activities planned, there was a pizza party with a class to teach them how to make pizza. Additionally, the couple scheduled wine tastings for their guests and gave them many opportunities to travel around Italy to see the beauty that surrounded the villa.[:]

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