Wedding Dinner and Traditional Tuscan Food

Tuscan Wedding Planners: Traditional Tuscan food to tantalize those taste-buds

Wedding dinner in Tuscany – one of the most vital parts of a ceremony when getting married in a land famous worldwide for its food and wine.

Choosing a menu for your Tuscan Wedding is a personal and unique decision for each couple. It is crucial that the menu is in harmony with the style of your event. While Tuscany offers a never-ending list of enchanting locations, the menu needs to be studied in detail according to them. Thanks to the Tuscan region having a great variety of its traditions, you will not be short of options.

Hors d’Oeuvres are served at “the aperitif”. A sit down meal, yet guests may help themselves to any of the food that is out. If you are dreaming of a wedding menu with traditional Tuscan food, tasty plates of Italian meats and scrummy cheeses made from Siena are necessary. Serve this with Chianti’s locally produced vegetable jams and sauces.

To begin the sit down dinner, we start with the “Antipasti” (the starter) –this course is very dependent on the season. Examples of food you may have include ham and melon, smoked salmon, bruschetta, shrimp cocktail or grilled seafood.

For pasta lovers, you will enjoy the “Primo Piatto” (first course) – consisting usually of just pasta!

The “Secondo Piatto” (second course) will usually consist of the chef’s local specialities – fish or meat.

The “Contorno” (side dish) depends on the chosen secondo piatto; such as vegetables or herb roasted potatoes.

For “Dolce” (dessert) visit for the Top 10 Special Tuscan Desserts.  These desserts are the perfect Tuscan finale to your Italian wedding meal.

Finally but most importantly, the “Millefeuille” (wedding cake). For Italian weddings, Millefeuille is extremely popular. The cake consists of layers of a flaky, crispy pastry dough. Then it is usually finished with whipping cream on the exterior, although it can handle a fondant as well. This is finally covered in specific types of fruit.

Some traditional Italian weddings will have “Confettata all’Italiana” (Sugar almonds). These are available throughout the wedding as they represent ‘the bitter sweetness of married life’. This Italian tradition has become less popular over the years.

In addition, of course, we cannot mention an Italian meal without mentioning coffee. No matter what the hour, meals are finished with an espresso.

“There is nothing more romantic than Italian food”

Event organisers in Florence have the ability to organise the best chefs, catering services and tasting menus. They will be able to direct you in the right direction, easily and efficiently. Get those taste buds tingling!

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