Wedding Decorations in Florence

Only a bespoke wedding planner can truly bring the bride and groom’s vision to life! Whether the vision is rustic Tuscan farmhouse elegance to an over the top romantic extravaganza, no detail will be overlooked by our award-winning team, The Tuscan Wedding.

The gorgeous landscape of Tuscany is an incredible starting point for wedding décor! The décor should mesmerize the guests, and the couple, and create a “wow factor” from the first moment they enter the venue. All of the décor elements should bring the couple’s vision to life starting with a dramatic entrance for the bride creates that lasting first impression…. from white doves appearing to lush floral arches and aisles strewn with rose petals, our team has designed unforgettable entrances for the bride to meet her groom!

Lush florals and lighting are integrated into the décor to evoke the feeling of the couple’s vision…. flowers add beauty, romance and elegance to any vision with lighting to complete the dazzle! There is more than an abundance of local floral varieties on Tuscany to choose from… why choose just one? Our founder, Daniela works with the floral designers on one of a kind arrangements. Special lighting, chandeliers and candles, and more candles and even more candles create that perfect glow in a beautiful venue – indoor or out!

No destination wedding décor by done by our team would be complete without a beautiful table! The tables and chairs anchor the design, with handcrafted linens and glamorous china and crystal. Each table setting is a work of art! One of the favorite pre-wedding activities of The Tuscan Wedding team is actually to set the table and watch the design come alive!

The Tuscan Wedding always has a few surprises for the couple on the big day! These beautiful vignettes often show the beauty of Tuscany and even the personality of the couple. A unique fedora and fan station showcased locally made accessories was a big hit with guests to shield them from the afternoon sun. A beautiful table of wedding day photographs of the couple’s parents, grandparents and great-grandparents fills the room with love!

At the end of the memorable celebration, there is the couple’s farewell… from a vintage sports car to a speedy Vespa, this is the couple’s ride off into the sunset… the beautiful Tuscan sunset! Our wedding planning service is the best in all of Italy as we work with the vision for each couple to make their wedding everything they ever dreamed of!

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