Wedding at Il Borro in Tuscany

Many young girls dream of their wedding day since their childhood, however I don’t think you could ever dream of a wedding location this spectacular. The Tuscan Wedding had an extremely particular vision for this lovely shoot, with help from Darya Kamalowa; an excellent photographer who lives in Milan, Italy, they accomplished their goal. We loved her vision for this shoot and it is always a pleasure working with her. This shoot is full of colors, creativity, and inspiration for a dream wedding in the hills of Tuscany. These photos take place at IL Borro located in the heart of Tuscany, however not far from the city of Florence. This villa has it all and will take your breath away the moment you enter. From the stationary to the food to the table setting every little detail has a consistent color theme. The Tuscan Wedding wanted to create a unique feel, including cold and warm colors in their shoot. They used blues, grays, and greens to create a cool tone, sprinkling a pop of cherry red to create a hot tone. In all areas of this shoot you can find this exclusive color theme.

Let’s begin with the stationary realized by White Flowers Calligraphy, the Tuscan Wedding wanted to keep this part simple, using white cards and envelopes with light blue text. Placing cool colors around the stationary, to cause the two red cherries laying on the stationary to really pop. They then brought this shoot to a bedroom filled with red, green, and blue. Small accents of red were spread around the room, while the wallpaper had small accents of blue and green. The model has beautiful bright blue eyes, helping the color theme to stay consistent. This room brought a rustic feel to the shoot.

Flowers Living did an outstanding job with all the flower displays for this shoot; we can always count on them. The Bride’s bouquet continued this color theme; red and white flowers with green leafs were tied together with a light blue and red sash. Again even in the bouquet, where you can only find a few red flowers, they continue to stand out the most. The groom matches the bride’s details as well. His boutonniere includes white flowers sprouting out of a green steam, a small red flower, all tied together with a light blue ribbon.

The scenery changes as they bring the bride and groom into a more contemporary setting. As you enter your eyes are immediately drawn to the bright blue pool located in the middle of the room. The cake, designed by Tuscan Wedding Cake, stands on a grey table in front of a dark wooden door. We are always impressed by Tuscan Wedding Cake’s design and creativity. This cake matches the room, being all white with a gorgeous blue detail. This blue detail includes light and dark blues matching the swimming pool. The blue stones get darker in the middle of the design causing the cake to look cut into. Inside the room you can find accents of blue and green, staying consistent. This is the first time we do not see a pop of cherry red. However the bride and grooms romantic tension takes place of the bright red color, they create a very warm feeling that stands out in this cool, calming setting.

Bringing the bride and groom outside was one of our favorite parts of the shoot, creating brighter photos. We brought the blue color outside by having the bride and groom pose next to a small, rustic blue car. This car included all parts of our color theme. Green vines with small white flowers and light blue leaves drape over the trunk of the car. Two large red flowers are wrapped around the vein, again creating the red-hot mood. Below the vein lays a large white sign saying “Dolce Vita” written in the same light blue texted used on the stationary. The color theme continues even inside the vehicle, when you peer inside the window you will find bright red leather seats. 

Finally the table setting and food, prepared by Delizia Ricevimenti, continue the color theme as well. A large white tablecloth is draped over the large, oval table, which is surround by light wooden chairs. The table is decorated with candles and of course flowers. Can you guess what color flowers we included as our centerpieces? The white plates have small blue details as well and finally the table is surrounded in green leafs and bushes. The food is mouth watering with small red details as well.

Natural elegance was achieved when the bride wore her light blonde hair down in long soft curls. The look was complimented with a simple makeup style highlighting her dazzling blue eyes and stunning bridal glow realized by the hair and make up artist Cherie Spisso.

Finally to wrap up this shoot the bride substituted her breath taking white lace dress for a bright red one tying together our color theme. Everyone’s attention was on the bride.


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