Tuscan Wedding and timeless transportation

Express your style through desired transportation; whether it be a glistening Rolls-Royce or a quirky tandem bicycle, this is your day, so you can make the choices. Dependent on budget and preferences, the list of unique transportation is endless.

Here, we’re going to review the Top 5 we think go hand-in-hand with the magical surroundings of Tuscany. Create a Tuscan Wedding never to forget.

Putting the wedding party aside for a second and focus on the loving couple… (It is their big day and we shall focus on the rest later)

Firstly, Flashy. For couples who prefer the eye-catching type, the classic sports car will not go amiss. From the 1969 Chevrolet Camaro to a 1964 Aston Martin DB5, these ultra-glam rides will take you from A-B feeling like an A-class celebrity. If you don’t feel like royalty cruising round in an Aston Martin DB5, there must be something seriously wrong. However Ladies, take it from us, these exits need rehearsing. Getting in and out of a low-rider requires a high amount of skill.

For the Vintage lovers. Imagine the perfect picturesque setting with a charismatic Rolls-Royce standing proudly in the background; creating that flawless backdrop – we love! Many couples choose antique cars to follow the theme of their rustic and romantic setting. Popular and classic choices include Rolls-Royce Phantom, Bentley Arnage, Jaguar MK5 Saloon and 1953 Rolls-Royce Silver Dawn.

The Italian favourite. We can’t be the only ones mesmerised by the romantic idea of riding into the sunset on a Vespa with your one true love. Not only will you have enchanting pictures but also a fabulous memory for you and your guests. Again, Ladies, you might want to practice this one.

For the ultimate Princess themed wedding, is there any other option than a horse-drawn getaway? The desired storybook ending that we dreamt about as children. All you need with this transportation is a charming Tuscan castle and a dress to impress. For an added over-the-top twist, why not rent Cinderella’s carriage and live like there is no midnight.

Finally, why not hop (brides not so much) on a quirky tandem bicycle and peddle off into Chiantis rolling hills. Add funky wedding decorations and a “Just Married” sign on the back to spruce up the bicycle. Just imagine those photos!

These top five are classic, timeless and ever so elegant; we think they bode well with Tuscany’s quirks and charms. Luxurious and bespoke, the perfect combination for your Tuscan wedding.

Ok, so that is you two sorted. Now for the party?

This becomes more dependent on budget than preferences. Paying for hundreds of people to commute for hours… could be a headache!

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