Tuscan Inspired Wedding

The Tuscan region is abundantly full of beauty, delicious bites, drinks, and so much more that can easily be incorporated into your wedding from start to finish. The vision and feel that stems from the unique Italian lifestyle is without a doubt a must have for your special day, and these features are what put Italian weddings above all else!

Finding a venue with a breathtaking view of Tuscany is a give in, and these views are virtually everywhere ranging from the rolling countryside hills, seemingly endless rows of vineyards, or a panoramic city view with the Duomo as a hidden treasure. Each of these views makes for an unbeatable background for your wedding photos, as well as a lush and authentic Tuscan atmosphere for you and your guests as they indulge in delicious bites and traditional drinks. Spritz are a popular and refreshing drink during any aperitif, especially enjoying one surrounded by these views! They pair perfectly with an array of customary Italian cold cuts, cheeses, and so much more as guests have the opportunity to socialize with each other and the newlyweds after the ceremony in a stunning destination.

Destination Tuscan weddings pair perfectly with rustic chic styles, automatically creating an effortlessly unforgettable display encircled by natural Italian beauty. A long, wooden table is another addition that complements this relaxed yet elegant feel impeccably, and is a huge hit for many clients of ours! Not only are these tablescapes beautiful, but they also created a united and “homey” feel for you and your guests as you indulge in delicious Italian classics from amazing caterers in the area. A fun feature that we love is adding candlelight, hanging lights, or both to the dinner area to continue the calm and gorgeous feeling Italy portrays onto all who beholds it. It truly makes your dinner display magical! Add your favorite playlist for some soothing background music and you have the night of your dreams.

As the dinner comes to a close, and the nightly festivities officially begin, a cute additive for some delicious late night treats would be a gelato cart! You can choose from an assortment of flavors for you and your guests to enjoy, and is another Italian must-have to experience on your special day. This is especially refreshing during summertime weddings in the rolling hills before dancing the night away.

Overall, hosting a destination wedding in Tuscany leads to an extremely beautiful and memorable experience. Italy has so much to offer, and enjoying every hidden treasure surrounded by loved ones makes your once in a lifetime experience that much more special. Whether it’s the jaw-dropping views, delicious cuisine, refreshing signature drinks, and everything in between, Tuscany will never disappoint. Our clients love the natural and calming feeling of Italy’s exquisite locations, making it one of the top regions for a destination wedding!

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