Sunset wedding in Tuscany at Villa Le Fontanelle

Valerie & Jesse – October 11th, 2017

The most romantic part of a beautiful wedding is two people proclaiming their love and committing to each other for life; so why wouldn’t you want the day to be just for the two of you? That’s exactly how North Carolina, USA couple Valarie and Jesse felt when they decided to elope to the stunning and romantic Tuscan Countryside of Northern Italy. The Tuscan Wedding helped the couple plan every detail of the wedding, allowing the day to come together perfectly. This bride and groom wed in the stone fortress that stands above the Villa le Fontanelle, just as the sun began to set into the golden sky.

Just a couple hours earlier, Valerie and Jesse separated as single people for the last time to get ready for the big day. Over in the Winter Garden, the Jesse dressed himself in a navy suit, white shirt, and deep burgundy tie and pocket square to elevate the wine-red color scheme. On his lapel was an elegant boutonniere arranged with red roses and sprigs of Italian greenery.

Across the way in the Orangerie bridal sweet, with the help of The Tuscan Wedding team, Valerie has her hair put in a loose up due with accenting baby’s breath and wears a deep red lip matching her nails. She then slipped into a gorgeous classic white gown with a sweetheart neckline and flowing off the shoulder sleeves, all covered in lace; a perfect style for a rustic-chic Tuscan elopement. To finish the look the bride put on her burgundy velvet close-toed heels to match her deep red lip and nail color.

As the day approaches its golden hour, the handsome groom made his way up the stone path where he awaited his bride in the tower. Soon she will join him, emerging from the chapel doors carrying a large bouquet of red and ivory roses with dark purple wild flowers, and small pieces of Tuscan greenery branching off. She takes the same stone path to meet her love at the top.

In the fortress with them stood the celebrant, solo violinists, and two beautiful bouquets of large burgundy hydrangeas placed on green metallic tables. The decorations were minimal, however their simplicity made the occasion even more intimate. Perhaps the most special moment of this day was the exchanging of personally written vows between the loving couple, and the symbolic tying of the knot with a real set of burgundy and gold chords. As the couple was instructed to tie their cords together and pull on them, the celebrant explained that their marriage will be like this knot; the more pressure that is applied to their life together, the stronger their bond will become. A truly profound and unique expression of their love.

After the ceremony, the newlyweds rode off in their vintage Italian car, which would take them to Piazzale Michelangelo for pictures overlooking the city of Florence at sunset. Following this, the couple returned for their intimate wedding reception where a table had been decorated and set for two by The Tuscan Wedding team, up in the Villa tower that overlooks the grand Tuscan countryside. Here they shared their first meal as husband and wife.

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