Rustic Chic Wedding in Tuscany


Rachel & Joseph Weding

Stetanie Kapra Wedding

Rachel & Joseph

When planning a wedding one may become overwhelmed by the endless possibilities that could make their day perfect. The Tuscan Wedding is here to help those who would love a destination wedding in the countryside of Tuscany. Rachel and Joseph came to us with an image, one that was simple yet tasteful. The pictures in this album truly show how a fairytale was turned into a reality for this lovely couple. Right from the beginning we walked with Rachel and Joseph with every decision they had. We aided them from stationary all the way down to table settings. Details are the most important part of a wedding and truly make or break it. Light pink and peachy colors in the floral arrangements added a nice blush to the day by creating the perfect balance of nature and beauty. It always important to stay consistent with your color scheme. When you start to add to many colors your wedding can look tacky and messy. Rachel and Joseph added the right amount of color throughout the entire day making their wedding look polished and clear. Once the reception area was illuminated by natural candlelight the flowers truly glowed. Candlelight is a popular way to add that romantic aspect to the wedding. Although a small flame can’t warm your body there is something about fire that people love. We believe we captured a real life love story between Rachel and Joseph and made their day as special as ever. It isn’t always easy planning a wedding especially in another country. This wedding had a rustic feel to it as many of our weddings do. Tuscany tends to attract people who are looking for spectacular views, good food and beautiful weather. Not only did Rachel and Joseph get all that, they had good company as well. Rachel and Joseph didn’t stop the entertainment all night. If the rolling vineyards of Tuscany weren’t enough, they truly added the wow factor when they had a professional pastry chef make their wedding cake right in front of their guests. Millefollie, creamy custard and fresh fruits are layered on top of each other for your guests to watch. Although it isn’t the traditional wedding cake one might think if, it definitely makes your wedding stand out from the rest. This wedding is here to inspire other brides on how to make their day picture perfect. Here at the Tuscan Wedding we understand that each and every wedding is different and that is why we pride ourselves on detail. Detail is the most important thing to make your wedding absolutely perfect. Rachel and Joseph had wanted the impossible mixture of rusticity and elegance but definitely did and great job of achieving it with every last detail.

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