Real Italian Villa Weddings

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If you would like to escape into a realm of complete and total serenity, beauty, and wonder, a Tuscan villa is the venue for you.  Ease all of your worries as you enter into an enchanted villa to spend time with your friends and family as you celebrate the most important day of your life.  A villa has endless opportunities for you and your significant other so you can have the day of your dreams.  Let us, The Tuscan Wedding, help you achieve that perfection and plan your wedding at a lovely villa.

As you enter a traditional and older Tuscan villa, you will be transported back to medieval times.  From the driveway you will see dim lights, rows of trees and historic landmarks.  When you walk through the front door, you will be greeted with the most heavenly smell of the cuisine wafting throughout the resort.  All of this is waiting to welcome you.  Close you eyes and imagine your dream wedding.  Now open them and see it come to life through the hard work and dedicated staff who are committed to making this the day of your dreams.

You can also find lovely villas nestled in the midst of the countryside and surrounded by acres of vineyards and olive trees.  If you invite your wedding party to villas likes this, they are bound to each sample these treats or take an explorative view at wine on one of the villa’s popular wine tours.

Moreover, many villas offer you the opportunity to host over 100 guests.  Don’t fear because the villa staff is ready and willing to accommodate you and your guests all weekend.  Also, many villas have the option of having your ceremony at a nearby church or chapel.  This will be convenient if you would like a religious ceremony.

If you would like an outdoor ceremony, there are several villas with a private garden that are adorned and surrounded my blooming gardens.  Villas are notorious for having lovely surroundings and amazing atmosphere of luxury and elegance.  Many villas also have vineyards nearby that ensure the best tasting wines.

Villas can be very private and in secluded areas yet they are near bustling cities such as Siena, Florence, and San Gimignano.  You can schedule tours of multiple nearby cities and explore the endless magnificent features of the city.  So much art, history, and culture are easily accessible if you choose to stay at this grand and extremely opulent villa.  Additionally, the villas come equip with blooming gardens, a gym, and a pool for you and your guests.

Villas have wonderful catering services that will treat your guests like royalty from the moment they enter the room until the moment they leave.  The food at villas is absolutely scrumptious. Your palate will be on overload after tasting the fine delicacies of this establishment.  Your wedding will be remembered for the tasty cuisine, romantic atmosphere, and gorgeous surroundings.

Every aspect of this villa is extremely exquisite and the villa staff will be on hand and attentive throughout your wedding.  They aim to please and ensure that your wedding day is spectacular.  We advise that you take advantage of the enormous perks these villa establishments offer.  You will not be disappointed with the perfection they deliver.  The Tuscan Wedding recommends many villas, as they will act as treasurable backdrops for a day you will never forget.

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