Planning a Wedding in San Gimignano



A wonderful place in Italy that you may want to consider as you search for the perfect location of your destination wedding is San Gimignano.  Located in the Tuscan region and province of Siena, this stunning location will have you satisfied and majorly impressed with its grand presence and gorgeous charm.  Imagine having your wedding day here.  Can you imagine it?  Let us paint a gorgeous picture so that you can understand what this city has to offer you and your guests.

San Gimignano is a wonderful place to start the next and exciting chapter in your life.  Although quaint and small, this gorgeous town is famous for it’s medieval vibe.  It has a riveting and unique history that makes it all the more interesting.  Known as the Town of Fine Towers, the architecture and buildings of this town are absolutely stunning and breathtaking.  The backdrop of San Gimignano would make for beautiful photo opportunities.  Just think about the grand pictures you can take with the towers and massive architecture in the background.

There are several historic buildings such as churches that would serve you in regards to having a religious ceremony.  Imagine saying your beautiful wedding vows in a church that is centuries old.  The collegiata and Sant’Agostino are two of the most renewed and infamous churches in San Gimignano.  You guests will feel the history as it surrounds them as well as feel the romantic atmosphere it can create as you say “I do.”

Your guests can enjoy the festivities in the main town square of Piazza della Cisterna as well as taking in the spectacular sights.  If you visit Rocca of Montestaffoli, we recommend the third weekend in June because there is a local medieval festival.  Some other town landmarks and historic venues are San Domenico, Piazza dell Erbe, Casa di Santa Fina, Plaza Pecori, and Porta San Matteo.

There are several lovely accommodations for you to select from if you decide to stay in San Gimignano like hotels, farmhouses, guesthouses, historic houses, villas, and holiday homes.

If you are interested in some fine wine and dining, this is an incredible place for some savory meals and delicious wine.  San Gimignano produces fresh produce and has great local vendors to ensure quality items.  Some speciality items are cured meats, cheese, and honey.

The possibilities for planning a wedding in San Gimignano are endless and there are countless ways to plan the perfect wedding for you.  Contact us today and we would love to discuss the opportunities for happiness that await you here in San Gimignano.

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