How to Plan A Vineyard Wedding In Tuscany


Choosing a wedding venue can sometimes be the most difficult aspect of planning a wedding.  After all, the location you decide on will set the mood for your entire event.  A castle calls for a highly sophisticated and elegant approach to plan a wedding where as a garden or villa has a more laid back and sometimes rustic vibe.

Also, when deciding upon a location, you must take your guests into consideration.  This is especially true and very important if you are planning a destination wedding.  For a vineyard destination wedding, we suggest something close enough to a city but far away enough that you are able to enjoy the Tuscan countryside.  Also having a vineyard wedding near a city with an airport is helpful and very logical so that your guests will not have to travel too far to reach the location.

When picking a vineyard to celebrate your wedding day it is crucial that you also take into account accommodations.  You should find a vineyard that is able to accommodate your guests for the entire stay so they aren’t moving between hotels and villas.  Don’t stress this part because there are accommodations in the surrounding vicinities, we only have to know where if they want to stay all together or if not, there are much different types of locations that can accommodate more or less people. If we can’t fit them in that location we will find suitable accommodation.

Another important issue you must discuss with your wedding planner in you want to get married in a vineyard is the type of wedding you would like whether it is civil, symbolic, or religious.  Symbolic is available everywhere, religious wedding varies according to religion. Catholic weddings cannot be married outside the church! We can do the documents to organize civil wedding that are under Christianity.

We personally love to plan stunning and beautiful weddings in the vineyard.  The wide-open spaces and gorgeous landscape sets a very powerful and romantic atmosphere.  When spending time in the vineyard with your loved ones you will come to appreciate the expansive and acre-wide depths of the vineyard.

When having your wedding at a vineyard you also have the opportunity to serve your guests the finest wines. We will do this regardless of the location, but you can say that it will be nice to serve your guests with wine from the vineyard they are looking at.  Some of the locations we rent are producing the most famous wine in the world so this is ideal for wine lovers! They will be able to taste and savor the delicious and impeccable tasting wines that Tuscany has to offer.

Additionally, if you decide to plan your wedding in the vineyard, we highly recommend scheduling a tour of the vineyard so your guests have something fun and exciting to do and can see the interesting process of how wine is made and grown.  This is sure to be a favorite memory for all of your guests.

If you are searching for an outdoor vineyard weddings this is an incredible idea because your guests can witness you and your fiancé exchange vows against the most beautiful, most natural, and most breathing landscape they have probably ever seen.  You will be responsible for giving them the most amazing opportunity to see Italy like they had never imagined.

The food, atmosphere, and quality time you receive at a vineyard location will be nothing below perfect.  We cannot highly recommend you considering a vineyard wedding.  Let us help guide you to find the perfect vineyard and we can also guide you in the direction at making it a worthwhile and meanwhile trip for your guests as they watch you embark on a magical marriage.

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