Plan a Beautiful Wedding in Cortona, Italy


When you were a child did you ever day dream about your wedding day?  Did you imagine your dress, the food, or perhaps even the location?  Close your eyes and go back for a moment to revisit your childhood fantasy.  Is it historical? Is it atop a hill?  Does it overlook a gorgeous lake?  All of these characteristics describe the beauty that lays in central Italy, namely the magnificent town of Cortona.

If you are ready to take off on the adventure of your lifetime and treat your guests to an amazing time in Italy during your wedding celebration, you must seriously and carefully consider a lavish wedding in Cortona.  This small and quaint yet splendorous town is a treasure chest of excitement and wonder.  Are you ready to unveil the several reasons why you should get married in Cortona?  Well, please read on as The Tuscan Wedding reveals the perfection and romantic vibe you will absolutely love about Cortona.

If you are planning a religious ceremony, Cortona has brilliant accommodations for your ceremony.  There are picturesque churches that you will adore and fall in love with.  These are perfect venues to exchange your “I do’s” if you prefer a grand, opulent, and lavish church wedding.

If you would opt to have a venue that also serves as your accommodations for all of your guests, there are marvelous villas available for you to choose from.  Villas are great venues if you want your wedding, ceremony, and accommodations in one place.  This limits the amount of travel your guests must do and it’s a nice idea for shorter stays in Italy.  Your guests will enjoy the relaxation time they have at the villa and can take advantage of the hotel amenities.

Sometimes it is best to let your guests lounge around the villa.  They are able to have a nice meal of quality and traditional Italian food at the villa restaurant and talk a walk around the venue to see the gorgeous nature that surrounds them.  The scenic view is something they will never forget!

Since you are already in Cortona, you should take advantage and utilize your time wisely.  There are several tourist attractions and main sites that you and your guests should visit while you are exploring the town before your wedding day.  The entire town is a living history book and is rich with Italian culture.  Take a day and visit some of the museums and libraries to indulge yourself with interesting facts about Italy’s heritage.

Cortona is a special town that could be the canvas for your wedding.  Say “yes” to Cortona and let us, The Tuscan Wedding, be your guide in the city.  We promise to make this a memorable experience for you and we give you our word that we will help you make beautiful memories in Cortona.  The possibilities are simply endless.  Take this as a chance to make your wedding exactly how you please.  The sky is the limit as there is so much potential in a city like Cortona.

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