Luxury Wedding Planners Catering to Every Needs

Luxury Wedding Planners catering to every need: ‘You’re the highlight to my contour’

“Makeup is not a mask that covers up your beauty: it’s a weapon that helps you express who you are from the inside.”(Michelle Phan)

And, what better day to be bold than on your wedding day?

Makeup is an art and continues to be a unique way to express whom you are, perhaps even, to show where you come from. It is much more than a quick flick of eyeliner and swipe of a gloss. A look can be everlasting, powerful and an incredible form of self-expression.

Over the years, make-up has no doubt adapted. We have moved on from the days of blue eyeliner and we are now within an era where contouring and highlighting is the norm. The ability to ‘change’ the shape of a face to the foundations that can correctly colour match to your skin, yes, we have certainly moved up in the world.

However, some traditions have managed to stick.

Let us use ‘winged eyeliner’ as our example. Commonly referred to as the “cat eye”. Cleopatra was first to rock this look since it was believed by the Egyptians as a way to ward off the “evil eye”. (A look we thank you for, Cleopatra) In addition, Yemeni brides also took on this tradition. They have gained their own reputation for the perfectly drawn cat-eye liner.

Moreover, do you ever wonder why Chinese people can pull off the fair skin and cherry lip look? (I hope you can hear the jealousy in my typing – a look I do not suit) In their culture, the colour red symbolises good fortune. Classic yet dramatic.

In the remote area of Kosovo, a 1,000-year-old tradition is as surreal as ever. Symbolic colours and shapes are drawn on the face to ensure the bride lives a fertile, healthy and happy life with her husband.

In Ribnovo, Bulgaria, Muslim brides are embellished with beads, white paint, flowered headbands and a veil of tinsel. The bride is supposed to keep their eyes shut until the priest blesses them.

Northern Moroccan brides conquer that, oh, so difficult, eyeshadow; we all know the struggles of creating that perfect ombré look. These striking eyes intend to stand out amid the piles of beads and jewels.

(I have to admire their dedication on this one) Brides of the Maasai tribe paint their faces and bodies with red ochre pigment. They also rub a bit of butchered animal fat on their shaved heads. (Crazy or what?!)

Let us be honest,

If you are ‘getting hitched’ abroad, planning these sort of captivating yet crazy traditions can be a nightmare; it becomes essential to need someone who can cater to every weird and wonderful need. The right international wedding planner becomes more significant than imaginable. Weddings are a way to celebrate the unity of a couple in front of the ones they love. It is vital for every detail to be as special as possible to cherish for a lifetime. Splashing out on a luxury-wedding planner might seem pointless at first but they have the time and ability to find and organise such unique suppliers.

I think it might be time to start searching for that perfect bespoke wedding planner, don’t you.


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