Luxury Russian Wedding in a Castle

Weddings are special days. Some people take a few months, but some others take a few years to plan this life changing day. No matter how long it takes to plan, the most important thing is that it has to be everything a couple dreams of.

Tatyana and Ruslan selected Italy to be the destination of their wedding. This couple traveled from Russian to make their dreams a reality. Together we helped them achieve their beautiful Russian wedding in a stunning Italian castle. The wedding took place at the Castello di Vincigliata.

The color scheme was a gorgeous purple and silver color that was evident in the decoration, the clothing, and in all small details of the wedding. On the first day, they had a special dance as a part of a Russian celebration because they are a part of the Greek Orthodox Church. This was at a party in the center center that was very relaxed, but added to the excitement of the wedding happening the next day.

The next day was the wedding at the castle and it was a gorgeous July day. The location of the castle added to a romantic and sophisticated atmosphere that filled the day. It was an amazing celebration of love and Tatyana and Ruslan’s relationship. They even hired a drone to fly around the castle.

As guests arrived, they were greeted with appetizers and had something small to eat and then did a first look with the blushing bride and dapper groom. The ceremony took place in the courtyard as they expressed their love in front of around 80 friends and family members. After the ceremony concluded, they moved to the another area for dinner.

In this area, they created a stage so that they could have a concert at the beginning of the reception to entertain their guests. They even involved a television presenter from Russia. For the rest of the evening, they enjoyed live music and were entertained by a comedian.

After that, they cut the cake which was a delicious and heavenly tiered cake with six different layers that was decorated with delicate lace and flowers in the couple’s theme colors of purple and silver. Once guests had received their slice of cake, they all danced the night away.

After a few hours of dancing, the wedding party moved to another area of the castle where an ice cream truck came and drinks were passed around. The merriment and festivities continued with a famous DJ providing music and the guests continued dancing into the early hours of the morning.[:]

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