Italian Wedding Videos

Wedding videos are an incredible way to preserve the memory of the greatest, most beautiful day of your life. Of course seeing your bride or groom across the aisle is unforgettable, and the inspirational words from a loved one’s toast may stay with you forever, but what about everything else? A wedding video will capture all the fine details and fun moments from your wedding day that were swept up in the excitement, allowing you to re-watch and enjoy them for years to come. This was Regina and Ryan’s vision, when they had their wedding day filmed. Right from the start, there are romantic shots of the candles and lights illuminating the outdoor reception, accompanied by audio of a loved one’s toast. Following this are exquisite aerial views of the Tuscan landscape surrounding them. As the gentle music continues, we see footage of the stationary, the wedding favors, and the champagne tower, all details thoughtfully chosen for this special day and worthy of remembering. As the music crescendos, there is a back and forth montage of footage from the beginning where we see friends and family preparing, and end of the day with more laughs and tears from the reception. Until finally we reach the climax of the video, and witness our bride walking down the aisle seeing her groom as if for the first time. Many moments from your wedding day will be unforgettable, however with a professional wedding video, they can be truly remarkable.

Kristin and Tim’s wedding video was less about the fine details, and focused more on creating a grand and romantic film to tell the story of their wedding. The tone is set as music with soft vocals fades in, with images of the petite wedding rings, and the immense Tuscan sunrise. The bride and groom are then featured getting ready in their separate quarters; this video immediately hooks the attention of any viewer. As the song plays on, we witness the bride and groom during the ceremony, exiting the chapel to a parade of flower petal confetti, and their intimate moments shared strolling around their Tuscan castle. Footage from the whole day is featured out of order and at a quicker pace, making it look like a romantic fairy-tale movie. What comes next is the groom’s toast to all of their beloved guests thanking them for coming together on their special day. As tears of joy enter some eyes, the crowd cheers “Salute” and the real party begins! Fun on the dance floor, tossing the bouquet, cutting the cake. These friends and family are having the time of their lives at this Italian wedding celebration! With the sun setting in the sky, and the music slowing down, the guests say goodnight, and the happy couple presses restart to watch their incredible wedding video all over again.

Soft romantic music fades in with an aerial view of the Tuscan countryside. What makes this wedding video so special is the timeline and the sharing of intimate details. Rather than capturing the day beginning to end, this videographer focuses on showcasing the most romantic moments of the day. There is footage of the bride and groom getting ready for the day with love and excitement written in their eyes, video of them privately writing their own vows, and even the moment where the groom folds us his vows putting them in his jacket pocket, choosing to speak straight from the heart to his beloved bride. At large weddings, vow exchange is an incredible moment, however this moment is often lost to most guests who cannot hear them being said. The benefit of using a videographer is that this moment, and others just as special and intimate, will be beautifully captured for a lifetime, to relive again and again. Following the footage of the ceremony comes a musical crescendo, leading to aerial pictures of the couple’s magical Tuscan castle, where the reception is underway. Gentle romantic music continues to play over shots of wedding toasts, and exciting dance party. This contrast created by the videographer, intensifies the magical effect of the celebration. The finale of the video takes you back to the ceremony where the bride is now reciting her vows. We have seen the groom speak from his heart, and now with words from the bride their bond solidifies.

Ariel and Chris’ wedding video starts in a different way—at the end. We start at the reception where a loved stands before them giving a well-prepared speech full of loving sentiments and inspiring words. We see a magnificent glass atrium lit up with lights and candles, and decorated with beautiful flowers. Here is where the night ends, but where the video takes you next is to the very beginning. The caterers, florists, and photographers alike are all setting up for the big day. Guests would not have been there to witness it, however there is a certain magic being able to watch your beautiful venue coming to life, and a wedding video makes that possible. The audio of the wedding toast continues to play as the anticipation for the big day builds. Aerial footage of the rolling hills of Tuscany and the splendid vineyards accompanies the romantic music as it crescendos. Surrounded by friends and family, the lovely bride and groom separately prepare for their special moment. Then finally, we are there—at the altar, with the bride and groom who have joined at last. The music has reached its most romantic peak, then smoothly the track switches as we see the newlyweds exit the church and being their lives strolling through the vineyard. Once they re-join their guests, it is nothing but good times as they celebrate life with fireworks lighting up the sky. With their wedding video, all of these memories and more will stay with the couple ‘till death do they part.

Anticipation plays the leading role in Natalia and Luke’s wedding video. Footage rolls of the bride and groom getting ready in their separate quarters. During this special time, we see the groom putting on the finishing touches of his suit, sharing some laughs with his best mates. We see the bride admiring her gown with her bridesmaids, as her mother looks on lovingly and with pride. We see the bride gazing from her window, across the courtyard toward her groom, like a princess in a tower waiting for her prince. With the same romantic song building as the video progresses, we are transported now to the location of the ceremony. The bridal party descends down the stairs, guiding the guests’ attention toward the beautiful bride and the moment is finally here where everyone stands in awe at the love shown before them. With the same song reaching its powerful climax, we are transported again to the reception. Friends and family are laughing, celebrating, and dancing the night away under the Tuscan moonlight. The bride and groom wrap each other in their arms as if to never let go. These kinds of memories are a miracle to witness, but there is nothing living it again as the star in your own movie. A picture is worth a thousand words, but a wedding video is worth so much more. Preserving your most special memories to be enjoyed for a lifetime is a gift unlike any other.

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