Italian Wedding in Beautiful Il Borro

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Have you ever wanted the rush and thrill of city life without exactly living there?  We all want a taste of the wonders of city life, but oftentimes want an escape after the excitement and awe of a place so spectacular.  So how can we and our clients get the best of both worlds?  


Il Borro is a beautiful, wondrous hotel in the heart of the Tuscany that sits in the middle of city centers such as Florence, Siena, and Arezzo. Il Borro not only have the splendor of being near such dazzling cities, but this smaller city has gorgeous architecture and breathtaking landscape surrounding it.


Weddings in Il Borro are nothing short of absolutely magnificent because it offers such a variety of places and has access to wonderful guest accommodations such as airports in the major cities and a lovely hotel for overnight arrangements.  


The Il Borro experience is something so incredibly special to share with guests because it is a memory that will stay with them for a lifetime.  This hotel is special for other reasons as well.  On site, they make their own organic honey.  They also host fun-filled events such as horseback riding, wine tasting, and ice cream social to entertain and dazzle their guests.  


As the hotel is nestled in such a glorious backdrop of lush, green nature, take advantage of the moment and go for a walk around the grounds and snap a few pictures as a one of a kind keepsake of this special place.


Il Borro holds a special place in the heart of all our guests, so why wouldn’t this be the place where you make your fairytale wedding come true.  Make Il Borro special for several reasons and not just a magnificent vacation.  This hotel could be the place where you start a new chapter in your life and share it with all of your loved ones.


Whether it is a winter, spring, summer, or fall wedding, Il Borro will not disappoint.  The hotel holds its beauty year round and it is an amazing sight to see the natural beauty surrounding it change with each and every season giving in a chance to stun guests even more with its eternal splendor.


If you want your wedding to look like it came out of a fairytale story book, then Il Borro should be seriously considered for all the wonders it offers its guests. 

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