Italian wedding decorations for every fantasy

From a Florence Floral Frenzy to a Tuscan Tapestry Triumph – Florence Wedding decorations for every fantasy

Tuscan Wedding traditions and elements that can be easily integrated into your own special day without straying too far from your own customs.

Rosemary is believed to bring luck to the couple. This is usually placed within the bridal bouquet or the grooms buttonhole. (Moreover, it has a beautiful scent of Tuscany)

Green is seen as a symbol of fertility, as opposed to some areas where the role is ‘something blue‘. In addition, the rest of the sentence, “Something borrowed, something new” is fully integrated within Italian wedding traditions.

Ribbons represent “tying the knot”; the bridal couples union. Ribbons can be used within the ceremonial area, behind the chairs or used in decorations.

‘Bomboniere’ (sugared almonds) symbolise the bitter sweetness of married life. These are given to the guests as wedding favours, either inside a small pillow, placed on the plates, or served from bowls on a separate favour table after the wedding meal. The almonds, also called confetti, are given away in odd numbers, three, five or seven.

Event organisers in Florence can easily incorporate these elements into your big day.

Time to look at themes – A favourite Tuscan theme…

When we think of Tuscany we think of vineyards, good food, great wine, olive trees… the list goes on. And, it’s the same for weddings. Think long-family style tables bursting with colour. Overly dressed wine barrels for the cocktail party. Homemade sauces, Limon-cello and olive oil as wedding favours. Flowers in your hair, floaty wedding dresses, beautiful veils and enchanting locations. Think of Tuscan palette bouquets, lots of exquisite foliage surrounding the ceremonial area and maybe a rug for a more rustic edge. For an over-the-top rustic romance, Tuscany never fails to deliver.

Desired themes continued…

If traditional Tuscany is not for you, what about something oh, so extravagant and dripping in luxury?

Think of over-the-top chandeliers, giant and glamourous centrepieces, an A-list venue full of thousands of white roses, delicate lighting surrounds the walls and ceilings transporting you into a world of pure exclusivity. Locations such as castles and enchanting five star hotels, where class and elegance surround you through every minute.

Maybe vintage is more to your liking…

Intricate lace dresses, scenic views and simple centrepieces. Pearl drop chandeliers intertwining with the candle-lit setting. Elegant invitations with stylish calligraphy, groomsman in classic attire and drinks served in unique glass bottles. For an unusual and affective twist, add a modern element to this vintage inspired day by incorporating vintage objects, such as cabinets or typewriters with Polaroid place cards and an Instagram hashtag for guests to use.

Embrace a world of vibrant colours and bold patterns with an Ethnic inspired wedding. Weddings such as these embrace one’s culture, family and traditions. Through rich fabrics, exquisite fashion and beautiful jewellery, these are the elements that truly make this day come alive.

Take it back to the 1950’s with a rocking retro theme. Perhaps you would like to incorporate polka dot shoes and old-style coke bottles. Think of rock-and-roll jukeboxes, vinyl place settings and a wedding cake inspired by diners and dancing.

Finally, go “Gatsby” for your big day and deck out the reception with striking glitz and glam. Where flapper dresses and headbands are necessary. Surround yourself with feather centrepieces, draped pearls and over-the-top accessories. Be transported back through time to the 1920s as an era of decayed social and moral values, evidenced in its overarching cynicism, greed, and empty pursuit of pleasure. A wild and wonderful theme.

Byutilising wedding decorations in andaround Florence, Tuscan wedding plannersare here to help your themes come alive, whatever the fantasy.

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