Italian Destination Wedding of Veronica and Damiano

The wedding of Veronica and Damiano was a beautiful celebration of love between the handsome Italian couple who choose to get married in their homeland.  The knot was tied on 30th May 2015 and their love story entered into a new chapter of excitement and thrilling adventures.

The couple selected to get married in Fattoria di Paterno, located in the Chianti region of the Florentine hills.  This absolutely stunning villa had luxurious and noble elements which made their wedding even more romantic as the sun set and the villa glowed in the Tuscan moon.

The color scheme for the wedding was a light pale pink color with lots of crystals which added an elegant edge.  The religious ceremony took place outdoors during the daytime and was beautiful with the backdrop of the villa and the blooming flowers that added a romantic element, almost like getting married in a fairytale.

The bride walked down the aisle in a delicate strapless dress with beads and lace.  It was detailed and looked stunning on her figure as she made her way to the front.  A long simple vial covered her face and framed it perfectly.

The bride’s bouquet was quite unique with a ball of white flowers that were then encaged by simple strands of grass blades.  The bride walked down the aisle with all eyes on her as she had no bridesmaids and the groom had no groomsmen.

Another beautiful aspect which made this wedding special was that the bride and groom released doves at the end of their ceremony.  It was a beautiful gestures of their love and the birds flying away with tuscan love.

The musical backdrop for the event was light as a singer was present for most of the evening singing sweet, soft songs of love and happiness.  As the day turned into night, a dj was present to provide music as the happy couple and their guests danced.

The reception and dinner was quite the sophisticated event.  Their menu featured Italian delicacies and guests had a five course meal.  Once the guests had dined, they had dessert and wedding cake.  After that it was time to celebrate with the newlyweds and dance.

The couple and all of their loved ones rejoiced with happiness and love in the beautiful villa until the early hours of the morning and shared special moments together to help the couple enter a fulfilling married life with each other.

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