Italian Destination Wedding of Collette and David

Imagine getting married in a beautiful and romantic villa in the heart of Italy. That’s how Collette and David shared one of the most important days in their life together.  On September 14, 2016, Collette and David said “I do,” and entered into the next phase of their love story.  The bride and groom found their wedding location, Palazzo Rosadi by themselves and knew it was where they wanted to get married.  So, they spent a week at the location with their guests during their wedding week.

The day was amazing with love and happiness filling the atmosphere.  The color scheme for the wedding was light and soft, but still very romantic.  The white, pastel purple, and light pink color added a natural, simple element to the beauty of the entire day.  Additionally, gold elements were scattered throughout the event to add a touch of elegance and sophistication. One of the bride’s friends took care of flower decorations and made sure it was everything that the bride wanted.

Their symbolic ceremony was attended by friends and family who traveled to Italy to be there for the couple.  Together they witnessed the couple express their love and gratitude for each other as well as make promises and commitments to each other for the duration of their marriage.  Then with loved ones in the audience they said “I do” and entered into marriage together.

During the ceremony, the softs tune of a violin played and filled the background.  Then for the party, a dj took over and turned up the volume and beat to get people out onto the dance floor to celebrate.

The reception was casual and the bride changed into a soft pink tutu and a black t-shirt to dance and enjoy the rest of her evening.  The tables were decorated with a small Eiffel Tower figure and pretty diamonds scattered around.

The menu started with a first course consisting of choices for their guests.  They could select tortello with duck, tortello with vegetable, and risotto with soft goat cheese and black truffle. Moving onto the main course they could have royal beef sirloin with wine reduction paired with potatoes and other candied vegetables.

As the night came to a close, they enjoyed a delicious cake and then proceeded to dance and make memories all night.  The Tuscan Wedding team enjoyed planning this joyous occasion and wish the couple a bright and happy future.

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