Having a destination wedding in Italy

When having a destination wedding anywhere, especially in Italy, you need the best wedding planner possible – and here we are to help you through it all! Here at The Tuscan Wedding, we believe an Italian destination wedding is a one of a kind way to tie the knot, so why not have a one of a kind celebration?

Our Italian wedding planners strive to not only create one magical day for you and your soulmate, but to rather extend the celebrations into a three-day extravaganza to truly make this the most memorable union for you and your loved ones!

Our attention to detail leads us to believe that it is crucial to not only arrange a beautiful wedding ceremony and reception, but to also coordinate a lovely welcome dinner for the beloved couple and guests the evening before the big day, and to then conclude the festivities with a delicious brunch the following morning to cherish the last few moments with your loved ones in this magical location!

Our award-winning wedding planners have organized many different kinds of welcome dinners ranging from sophisticated dinners with all of the authentic delicacies Italy has to offer, to elegant pizza parties with gelato trucks to kick off the wonderful wedding weekend! These pre-wedding dinners are simply a chance for the couple and their guests to get settled here in the gorgeous location of Italy. We typically try to conclude these dinners on the earlier side of the evening as we do not want anyone to become overwhelmed or overtired, as the fabulous wedding has yet to come!

Next, is the day we have all been waiting for – the wedding day! We organize each wedding specific to each couple, down to the very last detail. We plan the special day from the very moment the beautiful bride wakes up. We coordinate everything from the prepping of the bride – makeup and hair, to the ceremony music and traditions wished upon the couple, to the reception! We provide everything a bride could ever dream of for the fairytale reception of her dreams; from the enticing aperitif for all guests to enjoy, to the delectable dinner selection, to the heavenly wedding cake, to the entertainment and music, down to the splendid wedding favors!

As if this time in Italy was not dreamy enough for everyone…why not include brunch the next morning to reminisce on the amazing time you and your guests have had? There truly is no better way to say goodbye to your guests than over a nice cup of coffee and some delicious food! Our luxury wedding planners feel it is our mission to keep you and your guests enjoying every moment of this incredible few days before it is back to reality, as newlyweds!

If you’re having an Italian destination wedding…do it right, with the help of The Tuscan Wedding team!

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