Getting Married In A Few Months In Tuscany

Wow!  You are engaged and getting ready for the day of your dreams in a few short months!  A typical engagement and wedding planning process is anywhere from 12 to 18 months.  Since you are your fiancé have decided to execute your ceremony in less than 6 months, we realize that it might be more difficult, but not impossible!  It’s a very quick process, but have no fear because the Tuscan Wedding is by your side to navigate you through the process quickly and get everything done in limited time.  We have four helpful tips on what we believe you should do with a short engagement.

660 One.  Pick a date as soon as possible.  This is the first thing on your checklist that should be taken care of.  Without a date it is difficult to plan the rest of your wedding.  You should check with a wedding planner to help you select a date that is reasonable.  Setting a date is crucial because everything else will revolve around the date such as booking a location, hiring a caterer, finding a photographer, making invitations, and much more!  We can help you select the perfect day for your ceremony, so there is no need to worry that there won’t be enough time.


Two. Locate a venue.  Once the date is set, you need to find a venue that is not book.  This is a time to work quickly because once the venue is booked, it sets up the mood of the event and your wedding planner can begin to work out the logistics in terms of where to set up and how to decorate.  Set the date and then start calling locations because venues tend to book up months in advance but we will be there with you finding the perfect venue, and we won’t stop until we do!  Don’t worry because your wedding planner will be able to guide and help find the right spot for you.


Three. Invitations must be sent.  After the date and location is set, send you the invitations as soon as possible.  You probably won’t need to send out a save the date since it is within a few months, but send our your invitations so your guests and loved ones can reserve the date and prepare for your ceremony.  Once the invitations are set, your wedding day will seem very real and it quickly approaches.  We know some very reliable, efficient, and quick companies that can help you with this.

Four. Get a caterer, photographer, entertainment and any other people you might need to book.  Some people book months in advance as well, but ask around and find several people who you might want to hire and check if they are available.  You must swiftly book the photographer/videographer and select your entertainment for the night.  In terms of entertainment, you could also consider playing music from a CD.  You will also need to schedule trials and tests.  Once you find a caterer book him immediately for a tasting so you can finalize your menu.  If you are finding a hair stylists and makeup artists, find one, set a trial date and nail the look you want.  This is a lot to book, but that is why we are here—it is our job to guide you!  We have makeup artists, caterers, and photographers that we have worked with and we can set you up with them to ensure that everything you need is covered!

There are several others things that need to be taken care of when getting married after a short engagement such as seating charts, selecting your flowers, creating favors, and other small details that will make your wedding special.  We suggest taking a deep breath and enjoying the process.  Just because it’s short, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it.  We are most certainly at your disposal for any help you require.  We just want to reinsure you that this is completely possible, and we are 100% of the way dedicated to getting everything done for you so that you don’t need to worry one bit.  Sit back and enjoy the process!

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