Getting Married in Tuscany during October

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As the leaves change colors and the weather begins to cool, the fall season is in full swing as we make our way into the winter months.  Just because the air begins to chill does not mean that wedding season is over.   Getting married in October in the beautiful country of Italy is a special experience we’d like to share with you.

Some people love spring and summer weddings because of the warm, long summer nights, but getting married in Tuscany during October is a whole new and wonderful experience.  Just imagine the fresh, crisp air as you walk down the aisle.  If you love the warm colors of the fall season, just think of the endless possibilities for your wedding.

The rich colors will add the warm, vibrant feel to your wedding theme and will be a beautiful backdrop for all you photographed memories. You may think that the cold weather could provide some boundaries to where you decide to get married, but really it just offers a new perspective.

Imagine your wedding in a quaint, yet still gorgeous villa.  It can be intimate or a large affair with the fireplace lit–the atmosphere will be nothing short of breathtaking as the firelight makes the room glow in a remarkable light. We think that a roaring fire in the fireplace adds to the romantic atmosphere.

Additionally, you could test out rich and warm, savory dishes to match the cool weather.  Don’t fear the cold weather even with an outdoor reception because tents and portable heaters and heat lamps can be arranged to ensure that guests do not get too extremely cold.  

Getting married in Tuscany will be a dream that we can make true for you.  While some crave a beautiful summertime or springtime wedding, do not discount the idea of getting married in the fall.  October is a beautiful month for weddings and can be the month you never forget for the rest of your lives.

If getting married in Tuscany during October peaks your interest in any way, please reach out to us, The Tuscan Wedding, and we can help get you all the information you need and help you plan the wedding of your dreams.  Say “ I do” this October in the miraculous Tuscany!  [:]

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