Why Should You Get Married in Tuscany

Story-JJ-1082 Story-JJ-1009 Story-JJ-1008 As our company is called The Tuscan Wedding, we personally see the splendor and magic that is created when a couple decides to get married in Tuscany.  If you are not from Italy, we are going to show you the beauty that resides in Tuscany and why we believe that Tuscany should be the backdrop when you say your vows.  We believe there are three big reasons why people love getting married in Tuscany; however, there are countless smaller details that get our couples excited to get married in Tuscany. First, Italy is an amazing destination especially if you are not originally from here.  When you first visit Tuscany, you will be shocked over the gorgeous landscape, incredible atmosphere, and friendly people.  Our couples that decide to come to Italy for their destination wedding are never disappointed and are in fact glad that they chose Tuscany to exchange their vows.  Tuscany has a very beautiful, picturesque, and unique vibe that couples and their guests adore.  Additionally, Tuscany encompasses a very romantic, sophisticated, and warm aspect that leaves a memorable impact on the couples.  It’s a vacation and wedding combination that leave couples and their guests thrilled and happy they made that decision. Second, Tuscany has some amazing venues for you to select from.  If you look online you will find pages and pages of information for venue ideas.  You will be overwhelmed with the volume of places to decide from, but that is where we step in.  We are experts on Italy and can navigate you in the right direction as we have done successfully for all of our previous clients.  We wholeheartedly believe that there is a place for all of our couples, are we are here to help you find it!  We can also help answer any questions you might have about the area and assist in any language barrier you might find as we are fluent in both Italian and English.  Besides there being a lot of venues to choose from, we have a variety of types of placed you can decide from.  We have a bounty of lakeside venues, hotels, villas, churches, and more! Third, Tuscan cuisine is something that will leave your mouth watering.  The sumptuous, flavorful, and savory dishes that are timeless traditions in Tuscany will make you want a second helping of each dish.  We take pride in the quality and taste of each and every bite you take that is why we suggest tasting everything before the actual day.   Also, the scrumptious and delectable desserts and treats will stun your taste buds and leave your guests full and satisfied.  Our caterers are only the best of the best and will not disappoint in providing the most delicious food experience. Getting married in Tuscany is something we recommend to all of our clients.  However, you don’t have to take our word for it.  Come and visit the beauty that awaits you in Tuscany and you can see for yourself why so many people are looking to get married in Tuscany.  Feel free to contact us to set up an appointment or time to chat about your wedding in Tuscany.

Thank you so much to Studio Bonon for the images. www.studiononon.it


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