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Elopment Italy

This lovely Russian couple lives in the USA; they planned there beautiful wedding in Italy to express their love under the Tuscan sun. Elena the bride had a pair of gold shoes that were the start to planning this amazing wedding and walking into a new chapter of her life in style. Picking peach and pink colors, we were able to make a combination with gold that will forever be unforgettable.
With gold designs and exquisite writing the couple was able to invite their guests with costume made invitations to express and share how special this day would be. Candles were hung from different trees to show the sparkle in Elena and Semen love, allowing guests to feel what they both feel for each other. If that isn’t unique enough, Elena wore an apron over her wedding dress to prepare an Italian cake for her guests to enjoy around the pool; this bride was by far committed to showing her guests an amazing time. Elena and Semen had an intimate wedding with close family and friends. It was a wedding that showed the couples excitement about spending the rest of their lives together[:]

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