How To Effectively and Calmly Plan a Wedding

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Yes you have the butterflies as you walk down the aisle and you might get cold feet minutes before the music starts to play.  This is completely normal and it just means that you are excited for the next phase in your life—and you should because a magical journey is about to take place!

As you say goodbye to your single life and entered into marriage, you might feel nervous and anxious.  Have no fear because we are here to put your worries aside.  These are our few tips on how to stay calm during the process of effectively planning a wedding.

Rely on your girlfriends and the women you selected in your bridal party.  Each woman you choose to be a part of your special day, is a woman who is important to you so you should keep them close while wedding planning.

Another way to stay calm during your wedding is to make important decisions with your fiancé.   You are entering into a more permanent and loving relationship so you should start making important decisions together now!  A couple should both decide on the venue, flowers, food and more!  This is not a one-woman show and the groom’s advice will help keep the bride calm, cool, and relaxed.

A third tip we have is to trust your wedding planner.  We do everything in our power to make you happy.  Just relax and we will support you all the way.  We don’t want you to stress about the small and minute details; we will take care of everything.  Our number one priority is to make sure you are enjoying the process.  A majority of the planning process will leave you in complete bliss, however there is a little room for hesitation.  Don’t worry!  That is completely fine and normal; we are here to get you through those moments.

A fourth tip we have is to journal!  Write everything down so that you don’t forget anything.  We wouldn’t want you to miss an important meeting or fitting because your mind is filled with too many things.  Your wedding planner should keep you abreast and informed of all the info you need to know, but you should have all of your ideas, thoughts, and wishes down on paper.  When meeting with vendors, bring your paper and pen and jot down notes and questions.  This will keep you organized and an organized bride is a happy bride.

Our fifth and final tip to keep a bride calm is to take a step back and breathe.  Make sure to take a break, go on a mini vacation with your fiancé and enjoy time away from planning the wedding.  The weekend away will give you a chance to clear your mind so that when you return to planning your wedding you have a refreshed and rejuvenated mind.

Planning your wedding is a lovely, beautiful, and inspiring time in your life.  You are able to let your creativity flow as you set the stage for the next chapter in your life.  Enjoy, savor, and live in the moment.  We, The Tuscan Wedding, are aimed to give you the most luxurious, smooth, and amazing planning process we could possibly provide.

Those are our five tips on how to keep calm as you effectively plan your wedding.  Do you have any ideas or suggestions?  We’d love to read them in the comments below!

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