Wedding Decorations in Florence

By The Tuscan Wedding | Dec 4, 2018

Only a bespoke wedding planner can truly bring the bride and groom’s vision to life! Whether the vision is rustic Tuscan farmhouse elegance to an over the top romantic extravaganza, no detail will be overlooked by our award-winning team, The Tuscan Wedding. The gorgeous landscape of Tuscany is an incredible starting point for wedding décor!…

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Real elopements in Italy

Real elopements in Italy

By The Tuscan Wedding | Nov 30, 2018

Choosing Italy as your elopement destination would be one you would forever dream of. Elopements in Italy are truly the most romantic way for couples to proclaim their everlasting love for one another. Imagine the intimate ceremony of your dreams as you are overlooking the rolling hills of Tuscany, sharing the most heartfelt words about…

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Destination wedding planner: Be inspired by pure Tuscan beauty

By The Tuscan Wedding | Nov 29, 2018

There is a delightful sense of freedom that we feel when surrounded by nature. That wonderful sensation of wind blowing through your hair. Every breath is full of those blissful smells, fresh cut grass and blossoming flowers. From a charismatic castle fantasy or a rustic romance dream with never-ending views of vineyards and olive trees.…

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Italian Wedding Readings

By The Tuscan Wedding | Nov 9, 2018

Italian weddings themselves are traditionally Catholic faith ceremonies that have a foundation for religious and spiritual value. Readings that are typically read during Italian wedding ceremonies vary; however, each and every one of them has a strong and meaningful interpretation for the years to come when embarking as husband and wife. The first step when…

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Italian Wedding Rings

By The Tuscan Wedding | Nov 6, 2018

The history of the Italian wedding ring phenomenon traces all the way back to ancient Roman wedding culture, and has been an ongoing tradition ever since. However, the true meaning and symbolization of the engagement ring had a different meaning back then compared to present day. Today, the engagement ring is a physical token of…

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Luxury Wedding at Castello di Velona

By The Tuscan Wedding | Oct 25, 2018

On a beautiful June afternoon, The Tuscan Wedding planned and organized an incredible photoshoot with some of the best vendors in the wedding planning industry at the breathtaking location of Castello di Velona. Overlooking the castle’s rolling vineyards, this luxury and elegant styled photoshoot was filled with art and beauty. We are thrilled with the…

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Tuscan Inspired Wedding

By The Tuscan Wedding | Oct 23, 2018

The Tuscan region is abundantly full of beauty, delicious bites, drinks, and so much more that can easily be incorporated into your wedding from start to finish. The vision and feel that stems from the unique Italian lifestyle is without a doubt a must have for your special day, and these features are what put…

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Luxury Wedding in Florence

By The Tuscan Wedding | Oct 17, 2018

Luxury Wedding in Florence  Florence is one of the oldest and most romantic cities in the world. The streets are lined with small shops, tiny bakeries, and authentic Italian cuisine. There are so many beautiful churches surrounding the city like Santa Maria Novella and Santa Croce that make great spots of a wedding ceremony. The…

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Tuscan Wedding and timeless transportation

By The Tuscan Wedding | Aug 24, 2018

Express your style through desired transportation; whether it be a glistening Rolls-Royce or a quirky tandem bicycle, this is your day, so you can make the choices. Dependent on budget and preferences, the list of unique transportation is endless. Here, we’re going to review the Top 5 we think go hand-in-hand with the magical surroundings…

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