Chianti…?Non solo Vino!! / Chianti…Not Only Wine

By The Tuscan Wedding | Mar 9, 2013

Descrivere a parole le sensazioni che questo luogo incantato può suscitare non è semplice. There are never any words to fully describe the feelings that are evoked when you are standing in an area of pure exquisiteness.  With no words, we just stand there completely mesmerized and entranced by our surroundings.  Appena entrati sarete travolti…

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A Gem in the Heart of Tuscany: Your Tuscan Villa Wedding

By The Tuscan Wedding | Feb 6, 2013

Here at The Tuscan Wedding, it is always our intention to find the perfect backdrop to your dream wedding. In this, our first online article, we’re going to tell you all about one of our favourite locations… but we’re not telling you the name! See if you can guess – or get in touch to…

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