A Gem in the Heart of Tuscany: Your Tuscan Villa Wedding

Here at The Tuscan Wedding, it is always our intention to find the perfect backdrop to your dream wedding. In this, our first online article, we’re going to tell you all about one of our favourite locations… but we’re not telling you the name! See if you can guess – or get in touch to find out more.




While nature has its own kind of charm, there are few things as awesome as a monument to mankind’s architectural ambitions. Graced with the affectionate dedication of an ill-fated aristocrat, this villa is known for its splendid halls and magnificently restored furnishings. Beautiful outside and in, visitors will find themselves in rapture among the meticulously groomed grounds or late-nineteenth-century decor.






Imagine a wedding or other event on the lip of a rolling hillside, set at the edge of Florence, city of the Renaissance. This is not out of your reach! The Tuscan Wedding has a long and intimate history with the Tuscan capital, and its storied villas make up some of the most scenic and desirable locations we work with.

Within this particular villa, there lies the product of one of the greatest restoration efforts of our time. Originally constructed in the second half of the nineteenth century as a showcase of international interior decor, and geared to entertain the social and political elite of its day, the villa later fell into disrepair. Based on sketches of the original interior, specialists have since recreated the rich and varied furnishings.


Ristorante_di Lusso_wedding



Among forty six rooms of lesser nobility are nestled four great halls. One is considered Florence’s finest ballroom, sought after for grand occasions for one hundred and fifty years. Another is styled after a contemporary Arab aesthetic, and is perfect for meetings and business occasions. The third is known for its elegant and daring burgundy palette, from couches and wall hangings to the grand piano and the walls themselves. Finally, there is a smaller but exceptionally opulent smoking room, hung with fabulous chandeliers and adorned in white and gold.

Three bars and two dining venues are also part of this villa experience, as well as the gorgeous spa housed in the nearby guest house. The spa boasts a tepidarium, sauna, Turkish bath and well-outfitted gym. It would be an easy thing to enjoy your time here from the earliest stages of preparation to the ensuing honeymoon!





There is no finer setting for a wedding or significant event than in the lap of historic culture and luxury. Come and join us amidst the halls and terraces that once hosted Florence’s notables; engrave your names and shared joy in the story of Italy itself.


Daniela Tripodi and her network of experienced professionals are ready to take your dream down from the heavens and onto the fabled soil of Tuscany. Visit The Tuscan Wedding online to learn more about the variety of services and conveniences that are available to you. The sun is always shining in Tuscany, and we’d be thrilled to see it shine on your special day!

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