7 Tips and Tricks about Getting Married in Italy

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You may think that getting married abroad is going to be a headache and a lot of work.  We’re going to let you in on a little secret—it’s not!  We have gathered our most helpful and useful tips and tricks to share with you, so that when you land in Italy everything regarding your stay and wedding will be flawless.  After all, who wouldn’t want to get married in the splendor of the Italian countryside while they are underneath the warmth of the Tuscan sun and immersed in the breathtaking vineyards.  You won’t be sorry that you choose Italy as the spot for your destination wedding when you are engulfed by pure and natural beauty and immersed in rich Italian traditions.  Sounds easy, right?  Well it can be if you follow our 7 tips and tricks about getting married in Italy.

ONE. If you want your marriage to be legal, you must have a civil ceremony!  In Italy, civil ceremonies are only allowed in certain venues such as a town hall and other authorized locations.  It is best if you have your wedding planner ensure that the location is appropriate to conduct your civil ceremony.  If you would like a legal marriage, which is recognized by the law, it is necessary to follow this protocol.

TWO.  If you want a religious ceremony, if you are both catholic it’s easier.  There are plenty of churches that many priest will welcome you to celebrate your wedding in their church, of course we will provide a priest that speaks your language accordingly. According to your religion we have to find the suitable place synagogue, mosque, temple, Anglican Church, ect to celebrate your wedding.  However, if the couple practice different religion or a catholic wants to marry with an atheist and would like a mixed wedding ceremony, this needs to be brought to the attention of your wedding planner. We need to find a church and a priest that allows that, and we have to request special authorization and approval before confirming that this can be done. This is crucial so that your wedding can be recognized, —you must obtain permission for this.  Your wedding planner will suggest a church that well come you for mix wedding can also suggest a priest who is able to conduct a mixed wedding ceremony.

THREE.  Additionally if you want a civil and religious marriage, this can be done but again it is best if you have your wedding planner do so. We will need to lease the town hall and the church, and point out the correct document to complete.  There is a third option for your wedding ceremony that is a symbolic tradition.  This type of wedding gives couples the most freedom and independence when planning their wedding.  This is not religious or binding so it can be held anywhere and can be done by anyone, alternatively we will be happy to point out professional celebrants and direct you to paperwork so that your ceremony is recognized.

FOUR.  Communication is significant in any relationship and that includes prepares for your wedding day.  If you do not speak the native language, it might be very difficult for you to finalize details and obtain vendors.  Please be aware that not everyone in Italy speaks English, in fact it is quiet uncommon.  However, rest assured that your wedding planner would be fluent in both English and Italian therefore making arrangements for your wedding much easier and simpler.

FIVE.  Decorations will make your wedding ceremony come to life.  It will act like the glue of your wedding because it gives your ceremony and reception a very cohesive feeling.  Decorations also impact the vibe of your wedding.  Depending on the decorations you choose, it will significantly impact the ambiance.  In Italy, decorations can be limited; however, if you have an experienced wedding planner who is well known in the wedding industry, you can pretty much get everything you need.  Your wedding planner will even organize all your decorations to meet all of your expectations.

SIX.  A bride should look and feel her very best during her special day.  Having a reliable Make-up and hair artist is key during the bride’s preparation.  In Italy, this service can sometimes be very costly and more expensive than it would be back home.  However, your wedding planner can recommend artists who they have worked with before to ensure that you are getting top quality work for the money you are paying.  The artist they introduce you to will be extremely prepared to make you feel fabulous as you walk down the aisle.

SEVEN.  If you want to have a wedding that is rich with Italian culture and tradition you might want to take note of these beloved wedding customs.  First, it is typical of the bride to wear something old, new, borrowed and blue.  Each of these four items symbolize different things and is very important to have.  Another popular tradition is the “bomboniera”, wedding favor, which a couple picks out to give to their guests as a token of their appreciation.  It’s tradition that the groom and the bride, at the end of the walk down the aisle, as the bride and groom leave, guests throw rice overhead, which is a symbol of their good luck and best wishes. In Italy the entire guest party will leave before the new couple and wait for them outside.

Getting married might seem like a lot of trouble and hassle.  If you are not well organized it can be stressful; however, we want our couples to be prepared!  This is why we take the time to provide them with these helpful pointers to ease them through the planning process.  On top of that, we are always available through email of phone to navigate our couples through the process and answer any questions they might have.

For additional tips and tricks, we encourage you to subscribe to our blog to get the latest wedding trends through our weekly updates.  Here’s to your stress-free, wonderful and organized wedding with these 7 tips and tricks about getting married in Italy!

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