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The Tuscan Wedding Events and Weddings in Tuscany

The Team What makes the Tuscan Wedding the most competent and suitable event organizers? Well, The Tuscan Wedding is highly skilled and quite knowledgeable in their field. In fact, they are experts with many years of experience and training. In the past, they have worked with diverse couples and business groups from all over the world and have left them satisfied with the quality of the work. The Tuscan Wedding team will take care of you each step of the way while introducing you to the beauty of Tuscany. The Tuscan Wedding will provide all the guidance necessary in order for you to realize your dream event or Wedding in Tuscany. Here at the Tuscan Wedding, we create your fairy tale wedding in, what we like to call, a fairy tale setting – the beautiful land of Tuscany, Italy. Besides arranging flawless weddings, we would love to organize any event you might have in mind. Typically, The Tuscan Wedding works with couples from abroad and helps them navigate Italy while planning their event. The best part is that we will do this anywhere you choose, which includes the bustling cities filled with art and phenomenal architecture to the most picturesque and relaxing countryside. Think big and don’t limit you options because The Tuscan Wedding is prepared to plan your special day in other venues such as Rome, the Amalfi Coast, Venice, Florence, and even in the Lake District.


Wedding Planner

Daniela, devoted and entrepreneurial, is the driving force behind this multi-faceted company.  Her assertive leadership and focused vision to help others achieve their dream wedding is astounding.  She is genuinely involved with all the clients, consistently oversees all aspects of the process, and has a fresh approach to organizing weddings.  Her expertise in the industry makes her a fountain of knowledge to utilize.  Additionally, she is a thoughtful, cordial, and a dedicated wedding planner to each of her clients.



Alexandra, creative and original, has a passion for communicating thoughts through various means.  She is a skilled, tech-savvy worker in maintaining the blog and is a communicative, upbeat person when engaging our audience through social media.  She always strives to stay in constant contact to produce quick and consistent correspondence. She has a positive outlook, high energy, and personable attitude when working to inform, promote, and attract followers and clients.


Wedding Planner

Costanza, meticulous and precise, is a highly detailed worker who focuses on what is happening in the big picture.  As a very trustable, responsible, and reliable  wedding planner, her fine hand craftsmanship leads to spectacular ideas for our clients’ weddings.  Her productive and logical approach to work always exceeds expectations and is simply stunning. She has an exceptional mind and produces quality work.  Additionally, she is always friendly, professional, patient and kind to everyone.


Wedding Planner

Giulia has worked in events for a long time, and received a degree in the same filed.  Enthusiastic and talented, she has an eye for cohesive and beautiful designs.  She is an expert at decorating any location to the exact specifications of our clients—always leaving them satisfied.  From her table to floral arrangements, she is excellent at organizing everything with a sophisticated, put-together look.  She is highly competent in her field and works very professionally.  She knows how to complete a project with a brilliant approach, cheerful view and a fantastic, warm smile.

Viola, Personal Assistant

Personal Assistant

Viola is the latest entry in our team. She is Daniela’s personal assistant. Her role is very important as she is helping the couples when Daniela is not available . On a daily basis she is working in the back ground to guarantee the best wedding ever and prepare everything the couple needs. She is a fast learner, methodical and precise in what she is doing. She is a good mediator, sweet but at the same time she has a strong personality.