Wedding Reception

Welcome! Benvenuto! Bienvenido!  Willkommen! Accueil!  No matter what language, our multilingual staff is dedicated to serve you and your loved ones on your wedding day to the best of our ability.  Rest assured that the entire staff is competent, knowledgeable and experts in their field.  Their attentiveness and keen eye for detail will leave you speechless with the results of your reception.  Our goal is to please you and your guests in every way we can.

Just call us the guardian angels for your guests because we strive to ensure that everyone is taken care of and is having a wonderful time.  We will aim to secure fabulous hotel accommodations for your guests.  It’s your wedding day so we don’t want to cause any added stress or tension.  We want the bride to focus on herself, while we do our part in finding spectacular places for her guests to stay and work out all transportation situations.

We want your guests to be comfortable as we tend to all their needs and act as their regional guides.  As long as they are in our care, we will aim to satisfy and deliver a beautiful stay in Italy.  You can rely and count on us to give your guests a fantastic time while having their peace of mind as they celebrate with you during this blissful milestone in your life.